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NECC 2006 Practice Pages

Page history last edited by PBworks 15 years, 5 months ago

A practice page has been created for each participant. How do you create a new page? Read this:


  • Create a new page (2 ways)
    • First, you can type a word with SeveralCapitalLetters (or even type NewPage), which will automatically create a link to that page! A __dashed underline__---__means the page doesn't exist yet.
    • Second, you can put [brackets] around any word to create a new page. For example, if you wanted a page named cars, you could just type [cars].



Now it's your turn. Find your name in the list below. Click on your name to access your own practice page. Add some text and then try adding some formatting.



Abowd, Marypat

Adamyk, Linda

Barber, David

Beatty, Neil

Butler, Grant

Chromicz, Kathleen

Dach, Edna

Digby-Smith, Keri Anne

Duran, Sandra

Falkenstein, Suzanne

Galarza, Oswaldo

Hart, Marguerite

James, Carol

Johansen, Carol

Juki, Sukimin

Lee, Stephen

Legette, Imana

Littrell, Chris

Lyons, Bob

Mayes, Walter

McClellan, Dennis

McCoy, Kimberly

McKinney-Arrington, Yolanda

Melchor, Belen

Missonis, Robert

Pruden, Jamie


Rodriguez, Karla

Smith-Morse, Terri

Tahara, Timothy

Whitney, Brandon

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