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21st Century Skills:

Identifying and Developing Them in your School






Social/Legal/Ethical Issues





Common Issues



Related Videos



Online Resources for Educators, Parents, and Students


1. Incredible Internet–Online Safety: Visit the Online Safety page on this site to access links, guides, and other resources related to safety and appropriate online behavior.

2. CyberSmart!: Online safety, security, and manners are just a few of the topics covered in the free curriculum offered on this site.

3. NetSmartz.org: Areas for parents, educators, kids, and teens provide common sense advice for dealing with tough issues related to online behavior.

4. Onguard Online Social Networking Quiz: Check tweens’ knowledge about safe behavior on social networking sites using this online resource.

5. Media Awareness Network Educational Games: A variety of educational games related to online safety and netiquette for students grades 4-8.


6. Safe Kids: Founded by Larry Magid, this blog offers links for parents and activities for kids and teens.


7. WiredSafety: Attorney Parry Aftab  shares information for parents, educators, and students. Heavy focus on cyberbullying and social networks. 



8. i-SAFE: Online curriculum on Internet safety.



9. Netsafe NetBasics: Watch online episodes about the Jones family and how they deal with various online issues.


10. Kidsmart: Internet safety programme.



11. NetAlert: The Australian government's online safety site.












Documents for AUP discussion


Indianhead International School- South Korea


AMBRIT Rome International School- Italy


Shanghai Community International Schools- China


London Grid for Learning- England (Several sample AUPs and other resources)


Canadian International School- Singapore





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