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2007 Superintendent's Summer Institute

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2007 Summer Institute: Strategies for Student Success    


Julies Sun


August 6-8, 2007


Oregon Convention Center                                                                               



Portland, Oregon


"Leadership for Literacy and Learning"         







Welcome to the wiki pages created for today's class.



You will be working in teams using special pages in this wiki to take notes and respond to discussion items. When the institute is over, you will have on-going access to these pages.


To get started, click on the link for your team.                                                   


Superintendents Team 1

Superintendents Team 4

Superintendents Team 2 Superintendents Team 5

Superintendents Team 3

Superintendents Team 6

Superintendents Team 7

Superintendents Team 8

Superintendents Team 9 Superintendents Team 10
Superintendents Team 11 Superintendents Team 12


Refreshed NETS*S (Technology Standards for Students)                                                       





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